Moving House Checklist

Moving house can be a pretty stressful, and perhaps even slightly intimidating, task for most families. However, a thorough plan and careful organization before the move can make the entire experience of moving house manageable and maybe even enjoyable! The following Moving House Checklist enlists every major and minor task that you should be ticking off before and on the day of the big move in order to ensure things go smoothly.

6 weeks before your move

 De-clutter and sort

Go through your belongings and get rid of unwanted things and anything you don’t see yourself using for a long time. A good way to get rid of such items is to hold a garage sale. You may also try and donate items to charity. Work towards clearing out any mess and organize your things. The lesser the mess, the easier and cheaper the move is going to be.

Book a removal company

Most removal companies offer advance bookings and it is always wise to get one on board in time before the move. Booking a good removal service weeks before means one less aspect to worry about as the move day approaches. Compare costs and quality of services offered and make a wise decision. (Here’s what we offer.)

Research the place you’re moving to

It’s always good to know where you are headed to. Ask your local community or use the internet to get to know the place a little better. If you have children, start exploring school options.

3 weeks before the move

Notify local utility companies

Contact your local post office and notify of your new address. Also make sure you inform your newspaper home delivery service and make address changes on all important accounts.

Confirm your service with the booked removal company

Finalize all details including timings and pricing with your removal company.

Organize valuables

Separate all valuable items such as jewelry and important documents or you can risk losing them during the move. Make sure you personally transport these to your new place.

 Settle outstanding bills

Make sure you clear all pending utility and rental bills in advance. Return borrowed library books or rented DVDs. Overdue bills will only add to your list of headaches.

Purchase moving and storage supplies

This includes cartons, packing material, tape, markers, box cutters and anything else you think might be handy.

Start packing

Begin organizing and packing your belongings. The sooner you begin, the easier the move is going to be. Following a room by room schedule is sometimes a good option.

One week before the move

Make arrangements for utilities and appliances

Make sure you arrange for your utilities and appliances to be disconnected a day after you move out of your old home through concerned professionals. Have utilities in the new home set up a day before you move in.

Disassemble furniture

Start disassembling furniture that you plan to move for future convenience.

Finish packing

Pack as much of your stuff as possible so you have less to worry about on the day of the move. Make sure you pack fragile items separately and carefully. It also helps to prepare a separate carton that contains all essential items that you will want to use as soon as you move.

Label your cartons

Once you are done packing, label all cartons carefully. Choose labels that appropriately describe what it is inside each carton. This is important to consider for an organized move and easier unpacking.

Car check

In case you plan to travel long distances, make sure you get your car checked for maintenance to avoid inconvenience.

One day before the move

Empty refrigerator

In case you plan to move major appliances such as refrigerator or a freezer, make sure you have them cleaned and unplugged at least 2 days before the move day. Dry out and empty your refrigerator the night before the move.

Confirm address

Make sure your removal company has the correct address and directions to your house so that little time is not wasted on the day of the move. Also remember to arrange for parking and access for the removal company.

Prepare essentials

You will have a lot to look after on the move day so make sure you have your essentials ready. Charge your phone battery and prepare some light snacks for your family.

Arrange for payment

Make sure you have arranged for payments to be made to the removal company or other cleaning services you may have hired.

Welcome new owners

In case the house has new owners, leave them a welcome note and include any instructions you think might be helpful for them.

On the day of the move

Disconnect utilities

Turn off all appliances and utilities including gas, electricity and telephone.

Welcome your removal company

If you’ve hired a removal company, make sure they are given access and directions so they can reach you on time. Give clear instructions and cooperate. Also remember to give kind refreshments. Identify any box you want to transport yourself for the movers and keep it separate.

Check locks and keys

Make sure all your windows are securely locked. If you plan to hand over the house to new owners, hand over all cupboard, drawer and house keys to the new owners or to the owner in case you are renting.

Final clean up

Take one final trip round the house and check to see if you’ve left anything lying around. Cupboards and cabinets are good places to recheck.

Sign bill/inventory list

Sign the bill and inventory list before the movers leave. Make sure you keep a copy with yourself.