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Balham is a lively area of south west London, with comprehensive amenities, fun night life and a range of property types. The majority of the area is made up of Victorian and Edwardian terraces with some new builds thrown in occasionally. Volition Removals Balham know the area intimately and will make your move process a breeze, so read further about what you should keep in mind when moving to or from the area.


Why We Like Moving House in Balham

Parking restrictions and reservations like everywhere are important, the shorter the walk from the removal van to the property the quicker the job. Balham is in majority in the Wandsworth borough, you will need to contact them to arrange parking bay suspensions.

Peak traffic times are busy down the main high street but there are many other side streets that haven’t had the routes messed with by the council so you can, to a certain extent, skirt around traffic. Knowing the back routes and being familiar generally with the area means that we can navigate efficiently and keep the job price to a minimum, but that is the benefit of choosing a London removal company when moving house.

Why Volition Removals Balham is the Right Company to Choose 

When moving house you obviously want the assurance of a qualified staff that you can trust, value for your hard-earned money and the guarantee that your move will be trouble-free. The Volition Removals Balham team offers all three and much more.

The good news is that Volition Removals offers protection of your belongings with a transit insurance of up to £20,000 and £1 million in public liability coverage. Our trained and dependable staff pay attentive care to your belongings and make sure your stuff is delivered promptly.

If you would like a free of cost quote or more details about what we offer feel free to contact us at the numbers provided below!

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Fast, stress-free and affordable company that provided us with friendly and professional help during our recent move. The company handled the items with great care, was punctual and reliable. We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make a short distance (or long distance move). After moving numerous times, this was by far the best service we had so far.

Ursula & David