How To Baby-Proof Your New Home

How To Baby-Proof Your New Home

Baby-proofing your new home before the arrival of your new family memeber, or while your child is still an infant, is one the best safety decisions you can make. When your little ones start crawling and, eventually, walking, there’s no end to the mischief they can get into.

Statistics have shown that a great majority of the accidents that happen involving infants and toddlers occur in the home. Keeping that in mind, it’s wise to look around your new home and see which areas need to be baby-proofed. It’s also great to shop around for products to make baby-proofing easier.

Here are a few tips to help you childproof your new home!

Start at the Stairs

Sockets are a world of endless wonder to a toddler when left uncovered or secured. A power outlet or socket is one of the most dangerous areas in the home that can be within a baby’s reach. Consider getting socket plug covers, an inexpensive option that does the work of covering your sockets while keeping your child safe.

Baby-Proof Any Hard Corners

Most of the impact-related injuries that babies and toddlers suffer are from furniture found in your home. Your baby will inevitably fall as they learn how to crawl and walk. It is vital that you baby-proof any hard corners, such as the ones on tables and chairs. Yound children sometimes seem to have a homing becon for those sharp edges left exposed, so save the tears and cover the corners.

Secure Furniture From Tipping Over

Another great danger in your new home that should be addressed as you baby-proof your house is unstable furniture. Furniture such as cupboards and drawers that are not built-in or anchored to the floor or wall could tip over easily should your curious baby decide to climb them. The damage that a heavy dresser could cause as it falls can be catastrophic.

To avoid this awful scenario, many products on the market help anchor large pieces of furniture to walls or floors to prevent tipping over even under small or great strain. Explore your options and make sure everything is secure.

The Bottom Line

Baby-proofing your new home should be one of the first tasks to tick off your moving list as soon as you are all settled in your new house. It’s never too early to start preparing your home to be as safe as possible for your precious newborn. Even if your baby has already arrived, you can still consider following the tips above to get your home as baby-friendly as possible!

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