Best Way To Recycle Your Old Goods Before A House Move

Best Way To Recycle Your Old Goods Before A House Move

It is always a good idea to recycle your old goods rather than just throw them away. If you are preparing to move house, then it’s the ideal time to take a long, hard look at the stuff in your home.

Think about whether it would be a good time to replace old appliances with new ones or whether something really needs to go with you. Has it outlived its usefulness? Chances are, you’ll find that you don’t actually use or need many items any morethings that could use replacing.

Whichever is the case, here are some suggestions for the best ways to recycle your old goods before a house move.

The Best Ways to Recycle

White Goods: Fridges, Freezers, and Cookers

Did you know that around 3 million fridges need disposal in the UK every year. If you still have one of these in your home, it might still be in working order, even if you’re ready for an upgrade.

Some local councils offer a re-use service, so check with them. Charity organisations will often accept working items as a donation and will arrange collection. Alternatively, a simple “For Sale” listing in a local paper or Facebook community sale group may do the trick.

If the appliance isn’t working at all, then recycling for scrap is an option. But fridges and freezers will need special handling because of the refrigerants they contain. Your council may be able to help, but if not, there are specialist companies in most towns and cities.


Household furniture is typically easier to recycle, especially if it’s still in good shape. Charity shops will almost certainly be interested, and you can take small items directly to them. Phone and arrange collection for more oversized items like wardrobes and beds. Again, the local paper or sales groups may be a good way to go.


Clothes are the simplest item to find a home for as most charity shops will take them, even in large batches. If you have any designer labels among your clothes that don’t fit you anymore, you may want to consider something like eBay or higher-end consignment stores to get some money back.


Specialist companies will usually take non-working electronics to recycle them. If they are working, then a charity shop is the quickest option. An advert or eBay will also be options too. Just make sure you wipe any sensitive information before selling or donating.

Paper, Cardboard, Glass, and Plastic

If your rubbish is not yet being separated and recycled, then almost every council will have collection points available for them. A quick phone call will help you find out where your nearest one is. You can take it yourself or arrange for a company to haul it for you.

Unfortunately, plastics can be tough to recycle unless you have a council or local company that will dispose of them. You can sell any collectables online, but if you really just want shot of them, then a charity shop is your best bet.

The Right Time to Lighten Your Move

Timing is everything. If you have larger white goods, schedule collection for just before you move. You might need your fridge right up to the last moment.

You can always donate small items to a charity shop, but if they have some value, try advertising locally or selling online first. If you have the time, a boot sale can be a great idea.

The more items you recycle before moving, the less packing you’ll need to do. Fewer boxes to move also means the cost of the removal company and its services will be less. Moving is always the best time to go green and recycle.

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