Common Questions About Getting Rid Of Old Household Items

Getting rid of old possessions

Common Questions About Getting Rid Of Old Household Items

Moving into a new home will sometimes have you getting rid of most of the old stuff you had, including appliances. This could be because these items have become obsolete, or you may want to upgrade to newer items that complement your new space.

That said, we’ve run into many questions about how to get rid of old household items in an environmentally safe and friendly way.

Usually, most people just leave these items on the curb and hope that sanitation workers take them. However, if your things are more oversized, this may not work so seamlessly and could cost you. Here are some common questions that people ask about getting rid of old household items.

Can I Dispose Of My Old Sofa Without Attracting a Penalty?

According to the bylaws of waste management in the city of London, you can actually have your old sofa disposed of for you! This will attract a small fee, as someone will have to come by and collect it. Alternatively, you can arrange to drop it off at the local waste recycling centre.

Is It Safe to Dispose of Cleaning Products Past Their Sell by Date?

Since most household cleaning products eventually find their way into your drain and down sewer lines, it’s quite ok to pour these down your sink or toilet. This is only applicable to liquid cleaning products as opposed to solid ones.

Pour down any leftover cleaning agents you want to dispose of, but make sure that your tap is running. For reliable cleaning products that you need to dispose of, such as scouring pads, old kitchen towels, and brushes, your trash will do just fine.

Which Household Items Are Recyclable?

Most of your household items are recyclable under your local council’s bylaws. These items include plastic drinks and household cleaners bottles, aluminium foil sheets as well as trays, empty aerosol cans, and drink cans.

Some items that are not recyclable include hard plastic, plastic wrappings as well as plastic carry bags. Check with your local council to confirm that they can recycle any of the items you’re tossing.

What Do I Do With My Old Fridge?

Getting rid of an old fridge is fairly straight forward, you can apply to the local gov and request a special collection for a large waste item. Some local councils charge a fee and other don’t, so you’ll need to do some investigating. Once you’ve got your pricing assessed you can then cross reference that with private watse removal companies for the most cost effective option.

Options for Other Appliances that Still Work

We know that you want to move into your new home with brand new furniture and appliances. This is a common issue, and a good deal of people find themselves stuck with a multitude of items that they no longer need but are still in good working order.

Consider a garden sale before your move, or listing your items for sale online. If you still have stuff leftover after selling most of it, you could consider donating these items to local charities.

Who Can Help You?

Getting rid of your old household items is a process that can be a bit tedious and cumbersome. Enlist the help of a moving company that can offer you some temporary storage for these items as you figure out what to do with them eventually, even if all the tips above don’t work out.

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