Keeping Electronics Safe During a Move

Keeping Electronics Safe during a Move

When moving home you will be taking many items with you, including furniture, clothes, books, cutlery, ornaments, keepsakes, files, photographs and much more. In addition it is likely you will also be taking various electronics you own. Items such as televisions, phones, computers, laptops, kettles, heaters, fans, game consoles, music and video players and possibly even cookers and microwave ovens. These items are often the most expensive items you own, so you must take many precautions when relocating so that you and they are safe.

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Like all other goods, your electronics must be wrapped up effectively so that they will remain clean, dry and safe throughout the process. Even if things aren’t dropped, they can still succumb to damage as they are transported, lifted, placed down, etc, so appropriate layers of protection will help keep things secure.

Keeping your electronics safe with a packing and boxes that the items originally came with can be a good first port of call, assuming you kept them. If you did, they you can position the object inside as it was previously wrapped up, so you know that the item will have the proper support it needs to stay safe, without you needing to purchase new materials. However, you should be aware that if the original boxes and wrapping are damaged then they might need a bit of reinforcement. Arm yourself with strong adhesive tape to keep materials together or to cover any holes. If you feel that the box is no longer adequate then discard it and use new material.

Gaining the proper boxes is something that can be tricky with electronics. For other items, you can use any suitable cardboard or plastic containers etc but you may need something specific for your technology. Using boxes that are not the right size may result in the item moving about or being cramped, which can cause damage. Ensure that the boxes you plan on using are suitable, with the best result coming from buying boxes and access that are specially designed for computers, laptops, TVs, etc. When obtaining boxes, don’t forget to take any wires into account as a box may be able to fit the object inside, but the wires could get in the way.

Using the right packing material is important for your electronics because it will ensure that they do not become damaged, dirty, dusty or damp. You can use things such as bubble wrap and cloth to enfold items, and then us anything from newspaper to polystyrene bullets to pad out the boxes. Layers of material and padding will guarantee the items stay safe and such materials can easily be found in local stores. Don’t forget to wrap up any small pieces such as styluses, speakers, pads, controllers, remotes, etc and keep them with the object so they do not get lost.

Remember lifting such objects should be done with care, electronics can be fragile but also heavy, so you should always take precautions when shifting them. Check the route you are taking, remove any obstacles and remove any detachable parts. Ask the help of friends to aid you in carrying things that you do not struggle, which puts you and your goods at risk. Take your time, lift with your legs and stop the moment anyone starts to feel their grip loosen.

A professional removal team can help with all of these tasks, so consider their help if you cannot do things yourself. They can provide the necessary materials, tips and their movers can carry and wrap everything for you. There will likely be several firms in your area, so research each to see who is the best for you.


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