What type of house mover are you?

What type of mover are you?

What type of house mover are you?

Saying goodbye to your old home? People move houses for a variety of reasons, and the range of feelings that go with it can vary quite drastically too. From conversations we had with home movers over the years, we’ve listed below some of the common types of movers, see which category you fit into:

A fond farewell

You are nostalgic and will emotionally miss your home. You have spent many years living in this property and have seen your children grow up and leave the nest. There are a lot of fun memories and traces to be found on corners, walls, or built-in wardrobe doors such as children’s height measured on their birthdays.

Can’t wait to get out of here

You always have problems with your old home and feel so happy you finally found a better place to stay for the rest of your life. You may also came from temporarily living with your in-laws due to some work that needs to be done in your new home.

​Here today, gone tomorrow

You are the home mover who lives temporarily from one place to another. Sometimes, you just want to break free from something or you really don’t plan to stay long in one location. You rent homes because of work, business, or travel goals.

It was getting like sardines in a tin

You are expecting a new addition to the family so you definitely need to move to a bigger space. You are happy because you are finally having a child and excited to decorate the nursery room. You also imagine yourself spending more time in the kitchen prepping meals and snacks for three.

Saying goodbye to your old home

So, which one are you? Are you the nostalgic home mover, or you are the excited couple? Saying goodbye to your old home and moving to a new place in London can be a lot of work at the same time, exciting.

If you have a different story that you would like to add to these categories, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email.

I set Volition Removals up in 2015 with my business partner Pawel. Our ambition has always been to take the stress out of moving home with a friendly and efficient service. We know its a big day for our customers so we do everything we can to make it go without a hitch.