Keep Track Of Your Items In A House Move

Keeping track of items in a house move

Keep Track Of Your Items In A House Move

In order to get everything to your final destination without any breaks or unexpected hiccups, it is worth investing time in creating a system to verify and double check your collection of packed boxes so that nothing gets lost or goes adrift in your trip to your new home or office! With this in mind, consider a way to keep track of the number of boxes once you have finished sorting and packing, and before the planned move. Without a suitable totting up of the number of boxes you have packed up ready to take with you, you will struggle to find out if you have left any boxes behind unintentionally or accidentally, or have any idea about how many are expected to be there on arrival in the first place!

Make a total of all the boxes after you have completed your packing, sealing and labelling. This can be kept as simple or as complex as you feel, but at the end of the day, you are ultimately doing yourself a favour by creating a checklist in the first place! You could also consider going one step further and making a table or summary list of how many boxes go with each area of the house.

For example, you might feel it worth dividing up the list according to how many boxes were completed per room, but with a total remaining at the end. Not that you have to go to the extent of creating a really complicated spreadsheet with formula and all the whistles and bells, but it’s worth keeping an open mind about ! Breaking down the categories of boxes, should make it easier at the other end of the journey; tied in with labelling to create a more simplified list. For instance, you could have three boxes for the kitchen, which include: kitchen utensils, mugs, and so on. With a broader mapping out of the boxes, you can compare the tally to the original amount.

Try and memorise it as well as writing it down on a sheet of paper, or keeping note of it on your smart phone with a suitable organisation app or even keeping a folder with all the important documents needed for the move altogether with it inside, so that it is easily accessible and easy to find when you most need it. When you pack everything up in the removal truck, you can go by this number to compare with how many physical boxes you had collected before the day, so you are in the know that all boxes are sorted and ready to go. Then you can double check the number before you go; as a result, it’s best to know the number of boxes before packing them up in the van! This way you should theoretically not leave anything behind (which might require asking for the new owners to send on your goods!) and can check that nothing has gone missing in transit or on arrival.

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Whilst it might seem a little time consuming or over the top at the time, it’s a worthwhile thing to do, so trust in the plan and you can reap the benefits! Kind of like the alphabetised naming checklist at a fire drill, to make sure everyone is safe and sound, you want to do the same to make sure nothing gets lost or mistakenly mislaid. By taking a tally of all the boxes before and after, you can ease your worries about boxes getting lost or left behind.


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