How to pack your goods when moving home

packing for a house move

How to pack your goods when moving home

There are a million and one things to do on moving day, which is why it is best to appoint a professional moving agency to help. It is also important to pack up as much as possible in advance, but what is the best way of going about this? Packing boxes come in all shapes and sizes, so it is advisable to make sure that a good range of them are used. If all the boxes are of the same size, then they won’t necessarily be right for everything they need to contain. Too large, and the contents can rattle around. Too small, and items simply won’t fit in.

Packing Boxes

One of the best things to do with packing boxes is to obtain them early so that non-essential items are stowed away, ready for the move, well in advance. According to the BBC, starting early means that stopping to reminisce over sentimental items is allowed for and rushing toward the end of the process is avoided. Fold-out cardboard boxes are ideal for many household items, like papers, toys, games, electronic gadgets and smaller items from the kitchen, such as cutlery. These types of box also allow for writing on the side, as well as the lid, so they can be easily identified – even when they are stacked up – when it comes to unpack at the new home.

However, fold-out cardboard boxes have limits, so it is advisable to make sure they are not overladen or the contents could fall out of the bottom, when they are picked up. When stowing heavy items, such as books, don’t load up a single box with hardback after hardback. Instead, half fill a cardboard box with books and then add a layer of bubble wrap for something lighter to be placed on top.

Larger Boxes

Larger boxes, which can take weightier items, are also helpful to have. Sometimes plastic crates are a favourable option for the really heavy things, but it is essential to check the maximum load that they are designed for. When loading clothes, wardrobe boxes are usually handy. Unlike a suitcase or a crate, which will probably mean that the clothes they contain are folded over, wardrobe boxes allow for clothes to be hung from a pole when transported. Not only does this make them great for moving suits, dresses and other clothes which may crease easily, it allows them to be loaded rapidly.

Smaller Boxes

When moving, the role of the smaller box should not be overlooked. It may be tempting to fill up larger and medium-sized boxes every time, but small boxes are just as useful, particularly for valuable items, like jewellery. Smaller boxes come into their own when storing delicate objects, such as glassware, too. Wrapped up in tissue paper or bubble wrap, breakable objects often benefit from a smaller box which means they can withstand the journey.

Packing Materials

When wrapping items, use bubble wrap and tissue paper initially, then opt for newspaper to fill in any gaps. This means that the contents are much less likely to become marked from print. Blankets, towels and pillows can all also be used for additional protection for especially important or delicate items.

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