How to pack books for a house move

Packing books for your house move

How to pack books for a house move

Packing properly for a home removal can make a real difference to how smoothly and quickly the job happens. This article describes how to pack dense, regular stack-able items like books, compact discs and records so they can be transported safely and without damage.

If you hark back to your school days to remember carrying bags full of books or even a paper round loaded up to the hilt with newspapers, you’ll remember just how much weight these items possess when grouped together. So remembering this principle we recommend using small removal boxes to limit the weight so as to make lighter work for the removal men on your job. Using larger boxes will load up the weight and tire the workers out quicker which can lead to mistakes. Remember if the box is too heavy for you to lift the chances are that your removal team will find it difficult too. If you’re struggling for boxes and need to use a bigger one, try mixing soft  lightweight items in with the more dense and heavy items to lighten the load.
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London removal teams engage in any job we always advise our out clients on the right types of boxes for the right items. It helps our jobs come in on time and with minimal stress. Call today for a non obligatory quote from Volition Removal London.

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