How to organise an international removal

How to organise an international removal

Undertaking  a domestic home removal in London is a big enough challenge and moving abroad adds to that further. Some people do it because they want to experience something different and discover new cultures, some others because they think that it will be better place to retire. Some other finally because they found their dream jobs, after many years of search. Whatever the reason is, moving is always a factor of stress and anxiety. The article below explores some basic rules to help you keep on top of your international move.

Choosing the right removal company

To organise an international removal at best, one of the most important things is to hire the right company. A selection is crucial, as you can not take any risks. First of all, you have to get more information about the reputation of the company: do they deliver on time, how do they act with money, are they used to work at international level?  

Moreover, it is important for you to check if employees are well-trained. Then, as you have some precious items that have to be transported as well, you should enquiry about the packing materials that are used by the company. Furthermore, to be sure that all your belongings will arrive at the right place at the right time you have to opt for a company that provides online tracking, in order to make you enable to check the progress of the delivery. Apart from the online tracking, you also have to do an inventory of your items before leaving your current place. This is to make sure that you will not end up with missing or damaged items without the possibility to claim any money back. Moreover, if what they do to protect your fragile items do not match your requirements do not hesitate to tell them and if they are unable to satisfy your needs, do not take the risk to work with them. You also have to be careful of the vehicle used for the transportation: be sure that there is enough space for your furniture. Finally, you have to be at your new place on the delivery day in order to check if there is any damage and if everything you are supposed to get is there.

Reassure your children

For children, moving abroad is always a difficult moment, because they have to leave their friends behind to go to an unknown place, where there is no guarantee that they will find new friends. To support your children in this new step, there are things that you absolutely need to do. First, as soon as you know that you have to move out, you have to tell them. If you wait they will think that you do not care of their feelings.

Then, the best is to move at the beginning of summer, because they will then have time to adapt themselves to their new environment. Try to enroll them in some summer clubs that are organised by your new town: it is a good way to help them to get new friends. Finally, while looking for a new house or a new flat, ask your children for their opinions, if they are happy with the garden, with their potential rooms, etc. Basically you have to make them feel that they have their words to say in the moving process.

To conclude, moving abroad demands you be well-organised and develop a communicative approach with all the people involved in the removal, notably the company that will take care of the transportation of your items, your insurance and your relatives.

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