Boost Home Office Productivity in 5 Steps

Boost Home Office Productivity in 5 Steps

A home office is more than a work-from-home haven. It’s a brilliant space to get your creative juices flowing and productivity rolling. If you’re just moving into your new home, now is a great time to customize your home office.

An aesthetically pleasing space can help both your productivity and your comfort. Take the time to invest in the right amenities for your new office. No waiting for approvals from managers or dealing with office furniture you hate. You get to choose what your “cubical” looks like.

Below are some of the best tips to spruce up your home office and boost your productivity and comfort.

1. Find Home Office Inspiration

Now listen, if you want great home office design ideas, Pinterest is the land of, “Oh, I like that.” You’ll find home office inspiration galore that, if you give them a try, you’ll definitely feel spoiled. The rustic finishes in some of the home office ideas will make you want to spend all your time in your office space.

And even if you don’t have space or the budget required to create the beautiful interiors shown in Pinterest’s home office ideas, you can work with what you have and style a space that you’re proud of.

2. Your Chair Matters

You’re going to be sitting at your workspace all day, so your back and behind deserve a good, if not the best, office chair. Invest in a comfortable, ergonomic chair.

A high-backed chair is an excellent option for spending extended periods of time in an upright position. If you don’t like the traditional office chair feel or hate sitting down for too long, go for a balance ball chair or even a standing desk.

3. Face Your Desk The Right Way

The position of your desk in your home office also contributes significantly to your productivity. Find the flow of your room and be sure you’re near electrical outlets if you need access to them. A desk that faces the door is ideal, but you can also place a mirror on your desk to always see who’s approaching you from behind.

4. Experiment with Colour

The wall color of your home office should speak volumes to your personality and help out your work motivation with a little colour psychology. Experts will tell you that a red color scheme will boost your energy levels while green helps you put on your thinking cap.

Blue is known to create a calming effect. You can also throw in some art or photography to open up your walls within your colour scheme.

5. Play a Little Music

Silence is a blessing for concentration, but sometimes your brain can’t work efficiently in a void. Sound can add energy to your home office. Studies show that ambient and moderate sound can have a positive effect on your performance.

You can invest in a decent Bluetooth speaker and play instrumental music or create ambient café sounds while you’re working.

Feeling Productive in Your Home Office

More firms and companies are encouraging their employees to work remotely, so why not put together a home office that doesn’t just work, but inspires you. Think about a well-designed space that will increase your level of home office productivity and help you burn off some creative steam in the design process.

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