Moving to Scotland from London

Moving to Scotland from London

Why might you want to move to Scotland?

The landscapes are beautiful and the house prices are a fraction of the prices of those in London. Moving to Scotland might be your dream come true. Thick with cultural heritage and surrounded by strings of island archipelagos, Scotland has a lot to offer the everyday Londoner. What is involved in moving to Scotland?

Get packed early

First of all you need to find a competent moving company. You can find plenty of moving companies who can help you move to Scotland on the internet. Even if they don’t say so explicitly, you can call them and check it out and get a removals quote. The process would be the same as any other move, so make sure to read a good quality removals checklist.

You will need to tell the companies who provide your energy you are moving and find out if they still provide energy in Scotland. If not, start finding out more about that. Tell the local council you’re moving and notify the local authorities in the area of Scotland that you want to go to that you are moving there. This will make sure nothing unfortunate happens later on, it’s always a good idea not to confuse the council. Assuming you’re based in London, you have a long drive ahead of you. A long-haul drive means that you will want to hire a professional packing service in London in order to ensure your goods travel well. Get some premium quality cardboard boxes and get in touch with the removal company you have selected to come and pack it all up when the time is right.

Depending on the size of the relocation, you might need either a man with a van or a moving truck. Either way, make sure you arrange all of this well in advance. Assuming you’ve already signed documents for the new place, north over the border, you can get the moving process underway.

There is a certain rustic appeal to the countryside in Scotland. Much of it is still untouched and kept as areas of outstanding natural beauty. Many stone lighthouses from hundreds of years ago still stand on the coastline. Many castles from the medieval period still stand amongst the hills. Scotland is the perfect place for the outdoors types, since it has huge expanses of hiking land and mountains to climb, and is obviously famous for its open water, whether it is the mysterious lochs, wide coastlines, island formations or deep, cool rivers.

In the countryside or in small towns and suburbs, house prices are very affordable. For £300,000 you can get a six bedroom house. In London £300,000 would be lucky to get you a one bedroom house. With flats in the capital going at under £75,000, Scotland is a very viable alternative for anyone. In fact, if you work remotely or are a freelance worker of any kind, you can move anywhere in the world. This is a very appealing feeling. You could move to Scotland, move to Europe or move to Sweden. The possibilities are endless. Cheap housing is the norm outside London, and if you aren’t tied down with a contracted job in a set location, then you have nothing stopping you leaving the busy capital for a simpler life.

If you’re retired, moving to Scotland would be a brilliant idea. The countryside allows plenty of relaxing leisure time, the views are tremendous and you can get a quiet house in the country for a very affordable rate. All in all, moving out of the city isn’t for everyone, but for those who don’t mind not being around the roar of buses all day, it is definitely worth considering.


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