Moving to Scotland From London

Moving to Scotland from London

Scottish culture is very distinct from the rest of the UK. Most Scots are justly proud of their heritage whether they support independence or would like their country to remain in the union. Therefore, moving to Scotland from anywhere south of the border will mean experiencing a different political and social culture. Some people find this to be one of the most exhilarating things about moving to Scotland, of course. There’s so much to see and do that you might not have been exposed to before.

Lifelong Londoners – or at least people who have lived and worked in the capital for a number of years – are often used to embracing new cultures. London is incredibly diverse, after all. So, even considering the many changes a move to Scotland would mean accommodating, Londoners are one of the best groups of people to make a go of it. What should you bear in mind before moving?

The Benefits of Moving to Scotland

Property prices in Scotland are cheaper than in London. This means you’ll be able to afford a bigger place to live, of course. Even in Edinburgh, where house prices are among the highest, the average asking price is around £265,000. This compares to well over half a million in London, these days.

However, moving to Scotland is not just good news from the point of view of property prices. You can also expect the Scottish government to cover undergraduate tuition fees. This is worth knowing if you have children who are likely to want to go to university, of course. It is also worth thinking about if you plan to start a family at some point.

Then, there is the reduced crime to consider. Scotland isn’t crime-free but where is? Nevertheless, if you compare crime statistics north of the border with London, it wins every time. Another thing worth bearing in mind is that Scotland does not charge prescription fees. Okay, this might not be an important consideration today, but it could be one day.

Which Lifestyle Changes Can You Expect After Moving to Scotland?

On the whole, Scots are welcoming of people who have made their home in the country. However, there is no denying that understanding some of the stronger accents is tricky for some people at first. You won’t have this problem anywhere in the borders region or centres of high population density, however.

Clearly, Scotland is a very beautiful country, full of lochs, mountains and wonderful coasts. However, its topography also makes it hard to get around. Roads zig-zag their way around the highlands and lowlands. Trips you might think will be a few minutes by road can take much longer. In winter, roads often become blocked and are unpassable.

Then, there is the question of rural connectivity. If you want to live outside of a city, then Scotland has in some instances patchy 4G internet services, especially the further north you go. If the idea of working from home in a rural idyll appeals, then figuring out if this will be technically possible before moving is a very good idea!

Practical Considerations When Moving From London to Scotland

Moving to Scotland means embracing real change, especially if you opt for a rural lifestyle after having lived in London. Do your research before bidding on properties in your chosen area. Although buoyant, the Scottish property market isn’t as free-flowing as the one in London so selling again may not be as easy as you might think.

When you do move, ensure everything you need is going with you. It is a long way to head back, after all! That’s why booking a top notch removal company like Volition Removals can be so helpful, of course. Take a look at our house moving checklist for everything you’ll need to do in the run-up to your relocation.

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