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If you’re on the lookout for an expert and reliable removal services and are reading this, you are on the right track. Backed by a highly professional and competent team, Volition Removals Waterloo provides remarkable yet affordable removal services for corporate and house moves. Our trained staff not only provides a memorable removal experience but also ensures complete protection and expert handling of your precious and delicate possessions.

If you’re looking to make a move to Waterloo, Volition Removals Waterloo can help with all aspects of moving house in this conveniently located area of south London.

Read on to discover more about things to consider before moving to Waterloo and the services we offer.

Why We Like Moving in Waterloo

Waterloo is an interesting neighbourhood with close links over the river to the Strand in central London. It is a popular choice for commuters and young couples who want to live close to London’s most exciting attractions. Arranging an evening move can be a good choice in this area if you want to avoid taking time off work. Traffic can be a problem along the main routes around Waterloo Bridge, particularly at peak times, but drivers with local experience, such as those employed by Volitions Removals, know how to avoid delays when delivering your belongings to your new home. Arranging parking restriction suspensions can ensure that there is enough space for the removals vans to unload outside your new home. If you are moving into a property in Waterloo, you will need to contact Lambeth Council in order to use a restricted parking bay when you move. You may be able to arrange an emergency suspension at short notice, but the council suggests that you should try to contact them at least three days before you are planning to move.

The Right Removal Company for Your Move in Waterloo

Volitions Removals Waterloo provides all of the services that you need on moving day. We can help you to source packing materials, make sure that all of your heavy furniture is moved safely, and ensure that everything reaches your new house on time. We can even help when you have valuable items, such as large paintings or pianos, that need extra care in transit, or when you need to move long distance or internationally. Our experienced movers can make sure that you are settled into your new home with the minimum of stress and we provide insurance coverage of £20,000 to protect your belongings while they are on the road.

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An absolutely first class service. Polite and professional staff. The move went smoothly without any problems and the price was highly competitive. I really cannot recommend this company enough and wouldn’t hesitated to use them again.

Steve Bone